Introducing the When Money Goes on Mission Podcast

We introduce the When Money Goes on Mission Podcast. Who Rob Martin is and his vision for the show. The podcast is supported by First Fruit.

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Patrick: Coming up on the inaugural edition of the When Money Goes On Mission podcast, I'm talking with author Rob Martin, about who he is, what the plan is for the show, and hopefully get you excited enough to want to listen and subscribe.

Rob has spent 40 plus years in the missions field, has traveled to 65 plus countries, and has recently written a book that is rapidly becoming a primer on how to approach giving and missions today.

Rob, what do you want to achieve with this podcast?

The Vision of the When Money Goes on Mission Podcast

Rob: Well, we wanna help the people that are engaged in missions.

Whether giving in small amounts of dollars or in large amounts, whether they're leading missions or leading philanthropies organized for mission, or they're a small mission in the majority world that wants to start up and do local funding and connecting their local community rather than just try to attract Western funding. 

And so we'll be talking to the leaders of philanthropies here in the United States about the shifts in philanthropy that are outlined in the book.

And we'll be talking to missions leaders as they're coping with this new reality of mission going from everywhere to everywhere.

And we'll be talking with leaders in the developing world as how they are receiving the money and how they're looking at developing their own work.

It should be encouraging. A lot of fun stories and interesting people to meet.

Patrick: Wonderful, and it's gonna have Rob doing everything from interviews, to whiteboard sessions, to teaching directly out of the book.

What started out of the design of an audio podcast has since morphed into a full video podcast.

So, every episode will be available on Apple Podcasts, anywhere you get podcasts, you can just search for When Money Goes On Mission, that's the title. Also the title of Rob's book

It's gonna be on YouTube, we'll have our own YouTube channel.

Every episode will be transcribed as well as have the links to any of the resources that Rob or his guests mention. 

And we're committed to doing 52, 52 weeks worth, 52 episodes, not counting, well, is it counting technically today's intro episode?

I think it is. We'll take it.

Rob: I would.

Patrick: Yeah, I would too, I would too. We'll take it.

So on that note, we hope you listen, we hope you subscribe, we hope you get on the email list.

In the show notes will be links for absolutely everything that you could wanna find out.

Whether it's a bit more information about Rob or the book, or about his work with First Fruit.

And on that note, thanks for listening, and have a great day.


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